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Supra-Testosterone 500mg

Supra-Testosterone 500mg
Supra-Testosterone 500mg

Supra-Testosterone is the trade name of Testosterone Blend which is made out of 4 different Testosterone Esters: Testosterone propionate, Testosterone phenylpropionate, Testosterone isocaproate and Testosterone decanoate. This is an extremely famous Testosterone Blend (Mixture) among bodybuilders but it might be better known under the brand name Sustanon 400. In fact, there’s absolutely no difference between Sustanon 400 and Supra-Testosterone except for their name, brand producing it and the price. This is an injectable combination of medication of 4 different testosterone esters all of which are androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS). This product contains: 60 mg of propionate, 120 mg of phenylpropionate and 120 mg of isocaproate and also 100 mg of testosterone decanoate making the total of 400 mg. They are all offering the exact same hormone – Testosterone, so why they had to blend them? Every ester is having different time release when is being administered.

With this being said, every form of testosterone is released in the body at different times. Using a combination of 4 – you receive testosterone very quickly thanks to short acting testosterone esters but in the same time you have a prolonged release thanks to long acting esters.

Supra-Testosterone 500mg by Beligas Pharmaceuticals 10ml

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