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Oxymetabol 50mg

Oxymetabol 50mg
Oxymetabol 50mg

The anabolic to androgenic ratio of Anapolon is 320:45, which when compared to testosterone (100:100) shows how powerful this steroid is. This steroid works by increasing protein synthesis and has also been shown to increase the number of red blood cells your body produces. This increases the amount of oxygen and vital nutrients sent to your muscle tissue. These extra red blood cells will also give you a more intense pump, which also has numerous muscle and strength building benefits.

Anapolon Benefits.

Using Anapolon will provide numerous benefits that include:

Increased muscle mass – It should be noted that Anapolon causes water retention

Significant strength gains

Better joint and ligament health – Due to an increased synthesis of synovial fluid

Lower levels of SHBG, which makes other anabolic steroids more effective

Increased stamina

Oxymetabol 50mg by Sp Laboratories 50 cmp.

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