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Drostanol 200mg

Drostanol 200mg
Drostanol 200mg


Masteron is an injectable steroid and drostanolone is its active ingredient. The biggest benefit of drostanolone for cutting is that it is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derivative and therefore does not convert to estrogen.
Moreover, drostanolone enanthate 200 may ameliorate the estrogenic effects of other steroids. This is achieved by binding to the aromatase enzyme, which leaves fewer enzymes available to convert testosterone to estrogen. It is profitable to buy Masteron enanthate in our online store because there are always discounts on orders.
Since Drostanol 200 is a derivative of DHT, more specifically 2-alpha-methyl dihydrotestosterone, it has powerful androgenic properties and moderate anabolic abilities. Drostanolone has a very pronounced hardening effect on the musculature, adding externally discernible muscle density.
Also, due to the androgenic properties of Masteron, strength, and endurance are significantly maintained even during pre-competition diets. This, in part, explains its popularity as a pre-contest relief steroid.

1 vial contains 10 ml solution for injections;

Active Substances
Each ml of Drostanol contains 200 mg of Drostanolone Enanthate;

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