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Our online store has a wide range of medical products in your city, low prices for medicines and convenient delivery. Perhaps at first glance, we are somewhat similar to an online pharmacy, but in fact, on you can find more medicines and more convenient ways to get an order.

You can get your oxaver at any distribution point in your city. Or you can order courier delivery and get the goods where it is convenient for you and when it is convenient for you.

All medications of our partners have quality certificates and are stored and transported following the necessary storage and transportation conditions and temperature conditions. Therefore, you can be sure that you are ordering quality products.

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All medications from the catalog can be ordered online for pickup at your nearest location. Here are both popular and Special Cycles medicines that are hard to find in most other stores. The list of available products is constantly expanding with new items. There are medicines available: a course for beginners with Dianabol, testapex, oxaver 10mg, stanover 10mg, sp tropin 10 units, GH sp tropin, sp tropin 100 IU, and many others.

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Products have quality certificates that can be viewed to ensure reliability upon receipt.

More than just a service. Among other things, we are an information portal with a useful and informative blog run by a team of medical experts who, in addition, advise our clients.

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You can contact us for a consultation, where the experts will explain everything and form the exact order. Or you can choose your own Special Cycles medicines and order online. All product cards contain an accurate image of the drug packaging and detailed instructions with all the necessary medical information. This will make it easy to make a choice. You have the opportunity to buy all the necessary Special Cycles medicines by ordering them through an electronic form. For example, you can buy oxaver, stanover, sp tropin.

Begginer Cycle. 10 weeks. Begginer Cycle. 10 weeks.
-26 %
Model: 133
 Includes:   2 Testosterone Enanthate  250 Inject vials 60 tabs  Clomid Serpafar 50mg..
$125.00 $170.00
Ex Tax:$125.00
Beginner Cycle with danabol. 10 weeks
-14 %
Brand: Cycles Model: 134
 Includes:   2 Testosterone Enanthate  250 Inject vials 60   tabs  Clomid Serpafar 50mg (Angelini) 120 tabs Danabol 10 mg (Balkan Pharmaceuticals / SP Laboratories) ..
$250.00 $290.00
Ex Tax:$250.00
Brand: Cycles Model: Partax/Balkan
Weeks 1-4 100mg Anadrol every day. Weeks 1-8 3.75cc Test Cypionate Weeks 1-8 5cc NPP Weeks 9-16 2.5cc Test Propionate Weeks 8-16 5cc Tren Acetate Weeks 8-16 5cc Mast Propionate Weeks 13-16 100mg Winstrol every day.  Bodybuilders typically start their contest prep about 16 weeks out..
Ex Tax:$1,100.00
Brand: SP laboratories Model: SP Laboratories
Includes:   3 vials Testosterone Propionate 100 mg inject SP Laboratories 3 vials Trenbolone Acetate 100 mg  inject Cygnus Pharmaceuticals Group 200 pills Anavar SP Laboratories 60 pills Clomiphene Cygnus Pharmaceuticals Group..
Ex Tax:$550.00
Brand: Cycles Model: 135
Includes:   3 vials Test P100 180 pills danabol Balkan 10 mg 60   tabs  Clomid Serpafar 50mg (Angelini)  ..
Ex Tax:$230.00
Brand: Cycles Model: 138
 Includes:   3 vials Testapex E 250 Partax labs 5 vials Boldapex 300 Partax Labs 200 pills Stanozolol 10 mg Vermodje or Sp Laboratories 60   tabs  Clomid Serpafar 50mg (Angelini)..
Ex Tax:$520.00
Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals Model: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Super Mass Cycle:Testosterone 750mg per week (3 inj by 250mg) - Balkan PharmaceuticalsTrenbolone Enanthate 400mg per week (Latest week by 200mg maximum) - SP LaboratoriesDbol 10mg 5 Cmp Daily - SP LaboratoriesAnastrazol 1mg From second week of the start 0,5mg every second day - Balkan Pharmaceutical..
Ex Tax:$575.00
Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals Model: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Quick mass cycle:Anapolon 100mg Every day   (Balkan Pharmaceuticals)Susta 250mg Every Third day (Sp Laboratories)Anastrazol 1mg Every Second day (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) *** Only IF aromatization + Check blood for estradiolAfter cycle :Clomed 50mg (SP Laboratories)Starting after a week fro..
Ex Tax:$320.00
Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals Model: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Testosterone Propionate from 1-6 week. 100mg every second day.Turinabol from 1-6 week.40mg every day. (20 mg morning and 20 everning).Plus any multi-mineral complex. (Centrum, NatureMade and so on).From 7 week - Tamoxifen 30 mg per day.From 8,9 week - Tamoxifen 20 mg per day.From 7-9 week - Zinc ..
Ex Tax:$245.00
Brand: Cycles Model: SP Laboratories
Female Cutting Cycle 12 Weeks:Sp Laboratories Primo 100mg:Weeks 1-4: 100 mg/weekSP Laboratories Nandrolone 200mg:Weeks 1-4: 100 mg/weekRest:Week 8-10: 100 mg/week -5 vialSP Laboratories Stanozol 10mg 10:Week 8: 5 mg/dayWeek 9: 10 mg/dayWeek 10: 15 mg/dayWeek 11: 10 mg/dayWeek 12: 5 mg/daySp Laborato..
Ex Tax:$650.00
SP Tropin HGH 500 iu
-17 %
Brand: SP laboratories Model: Sp Laboratories
SPtropin 100iu10mg*5 Description1 vial contains 10iu(3.3mg) Somatropin (rDNA origin) Active SubstancesEach vial of SP TROPIN contains 10iu(3.3mg) of Somatropin (rDNA origin);  Growth hormone (SP Tropin) is actively used in various strength sports, as well as bodybuilding if you need ..
$950.00 $1,150.00
Ex Tax:$950.00
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