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Nolvadex-D 20mg

Nolvadex-D 20mg
Nolvadex-D 20mg

NOLVADEX-D. 30 Tablets x 20mg 

Made in the U.K. by Zeneca Limited.

An anti-estrogenic drug from Zeneca Limited. It is not a steroid. Its powerful specific effect is manifested due to the ability of the active substance Tamoxifen to suppress the action of estrogens. It is actively used in the treatment of breast cancer.

NOLVADEX-D is also used by male bodybuilders. The practice has shown that the drug has proven itself effective in the fight against gynecomastia (growth of the female breast in men). This phenomenon occurs due to the excess levels of estrogen in the body of bodybuilders due to the use of artificial steroids. Anabolics are converted into estrogens by reaction and gynecomastia becomes possible. NOLVADEX-D suppresses the effect of estrogens formed and tissue growth is significantly slowed down, and in some observed cases, it stops completely.

There is an opinion that the remedy prevents the increase in body weight. Among the antiestrogens used by bodybuilders and other athletes, NOLVADEX-D is the most popular. You should understand whether you should take this remedy, and how much you are threatened by problems with gynecomastia before you start using it.


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