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SP Tropin HGH 100iu kit

SP Tropin HGH 100iu kit
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SP Tropin HGH 100iu kit

Maximize Mass and Strength with SPtropin HGH

Growth hormone is often taken by professional athletes because its use has a positive effect on the athlete, favorably affects the physical condition, and helps to reach new heights. However, this drug has one significant disadvantage - the high price.

Fortunately, the company's growth hormone has recently appeared on the domestic pharmacological market, which is sold at an affordable price. In growth hormone, it is the price that is an undeniable advantage. At the same time, the quality of the drug is on level!

How to take the hormone?

The course of somatropin can be both solos and in conjunction with steroids - this is even better, more effective. For example, you can put it in the background on any course, whether it is a cycle for mass, drying or strength. It is enough to inject one injection per day. GH will “strengthen” the effect of steroids, and according to your observations, you will easily notice that cycles with growth hormone + steroids give much better results both in terms of weight gain and body drying. The latter, by the way, is the "horse" of any GR.

Shelf life and storage

Growth hormone in liquid form is stored for 5 years and this is indicated on the box. Specialists, and indeed all bioengineers from around the world in different factories, make a stable liquid form. Subject to temperature conditions. At a temperature of +20 degrees, the product can be for up to 30 days without damage.

About storage. GR, after it is bottled, is sent to the refrigerator to the sorting warehouse, then it is already sent according to your orders. We do not know exactly how the postal company delivers, and we cannot be responsible for this.

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