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BP Tropin HGH 100IU KIT

BP Tropin HGH 100IU KIT
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BP Tropin HGH 100IU KIT

Human growth hormone

HGH, or widely known as a human growth hormone, performs an instrumental role in the development of an individual. It is natural to our body and is produced in small amounts daily. Besides, this is also famed as somatotropin, created by the pituitary gland of a human.

Thanks to this hormone, the growth of bones, muscles, and other tissues is activated. In addition, HGH improves the metabolic rate in the body and promotes protein synthesis.

You are in the right place to purchase anabolic steroids and growth hormones. The Balkan pharmaceuticals company offers growth hormones to bring strength, health, and beauty!

Product specifics

In just a few years, human growth hormone (HGH) has surpassed in popularity almost all drugs with similar effects (PED). This is because growth hormone has proven its extraordinary benefits when it comes to improving performance and fitness.

Bptropin is used in many medical fields. This substance activates the growth of body muscles, increases strength levels, and helps maintain a healthy weight. 

It is commonly used in medicine to treat growth disorders in kids and HGH deficiency in adults. Also, hgh balkan pharma is actively used in sports, for example, in bodybuilding. Preparations containing this substance can rapidly increase muscles, reduce body fat and increase recovery time between workouts. It also improves bone density, the condition of joints and tendons.

HGH benefits for your body

The main feature of this product is rapid exposure without negative consequences for the body. It belongs to the safe class, with a high anabolic effect.

HGH by the Balkan pharmaceuticals has the following effect when conducting admission courses:

  • Somatropin builds up the muscles of the body;

  • Reduced fat mass;

  • The rejuvenation process starts due to the regeneration of skin cells and internal organs;

  • Promotes the maintenance and working of pancreatic islets;

  • In young people, this substance promotes bone growth;

  • Strengthens bones, ligaments, and cartilage;

  • The immune system becomes stronger;

  • Metabolism is rapidly normalized;

  • Lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol;

  • Reducing wrinkles caused by exposure to sunlight;

  • Accelerates wound healing after injury.

Also, bptropin improves the figure and promotes weight loss, creating a well-defined muscle contour.

How to use it 

To start growth hormone therapy, first take a consultation with your doctor and ensure you have no contraindications. Then, buy the drug from our company by placing an order on the website. 

The drug is available in liquid form. There are 10 vials of 10 IU, which makes a total of 100 IU in a package. Somatropin balkan pharma is used intramuscularly by injection.

You can start therapy as soon as the drug is delivered to you. It is not difficult to use the drug; here is a brief instruction: 

  1. Wipe the tip of the ampoule and the cap of the powder bottle with alcohol. 

  2. Then, using a syringe, take the liquid from the ampoule and pierce the medicine bottle lid with the syringe's needle.

  3. Next, add the solvent there, then dilute the somatropin. 

It is better to inject growth hormone into your stomach in the area of 2 cm from the navel.

Mechanism of action

The bptropin injections are the same as injections of natural growth hormone. After injecting growth hormone, it enters the bloodstream and concentrates in the liver. From there, it is converted to IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor). Thanks to this transformation, growth hormone contributes to most of its positive effects.

Benefits customers get from buying our product 

We are one of the most reliable and protected companies on the market that offers the highest quality steroid preparations produced professionally using the latest sterilization technologies, sanitary standards, quality control, etc.

HGH balkan pharma makes the product, and it can be obtained at a pretty low price, as we are their official supplier, so the products are genuine. Bioengineers produce a stable liquid form. Growth hormone in liquid form is stored for 5 years. Thus, the product can be stored at up to +28 degrees for 30 days without damage. This is enough to transport it without special cold boxes worldwide and without losing valuable properties.

How to get the product

Welcome to our online food additives store! We offer the somatropin balkan pharma products of 100% quality at the lowest prices! We are an official supplier, and you can get acquainted with us on the official websites of manufacturers. We offer discounts and monthly promotions for our regular customers and provide special offers for wholesale buyers!

Remember that HGH can cost a lot, but somatropin balkan pharma is offered at an excellent price, which allows you to save significantly by purchasing a given product. The entire order delivery process will be handled by our professional specialists. We handle all the difficulties — you only need to get the goods on the spot!

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