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Testogel (Androgel) 50mg

Testogel (Androgel) 50mg
Testogel (Androgel) 50mg

What is it used Testogel?

The age often brings little discomfort with it, the so-called geriatric diseases. In addition, can also complaints as a result of 'Penopause / Andropause' occur in men. So the persons concerned, inter alia, suffer by low testosterone levels, from erection problems. Testogel (Androgel) brings hormone levels back to a normal level by the lack of the hormone enters the body. By testosterone recording can counteract the negative effects of testosterone deficiency.

Application and dosage:

Testogel is in gel form to a skin area applied which is normally covered by clothing. For this purpose, the lumbar area on the back or thighs are suitable, for example. You must apply the gel only to the skin, can move in and not rub. Wash your hands around a transfer of testosterone to avoid other people to use. The recommended dose is a lot of 5g of the gel and should not exceed the maximum dosage of 10g. Please pay attention to the doctor's instructions.

side effects:

Testogel (Androgel) can cause the following side effects:

• Common: Headache, prostate problems, dizziness, mood swings, hypertension, digestive problems, hair loss

• Rare: muscle spasms, weight gain, nervousness, depression, insomnia, skin rash

• Very rare: jaundice, duration erection (priapism), prostate abnormalities

Read for further information through the package insert of the drug.

Testogel (Androgel) 50mg by BAYER box of 30 sachets.

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