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10 week Intermediate Cycle

10 week Intermediate Cycle
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10 week Intermediate Cycle

It is a complex of drugs that increase the level of endurance, indicators of power load. Helps to achieve tangible results in the matter of building muscle mass for the course of admission.

Consists of three main components:

2 vials Test C 250 mg

The active substance is testosterone cypionate. A good steroid for mass gain. It is used as an auxiliary drug in combination with other anabolics.

1 vial Deca 300 mg

The active substance is nandrolone. One of the most popular steroids of recent years and even decades. It was first released in 1962. Widespread and recognized by experts due to the high anabolic and relatively low androgenic activity.

Danabol 100 tablets 10 mg

The active ingredient is the left-sided anabolic steroid Methandienone. Now it is the most famous and popular oral steroid drug. It goes well with injectable "colleagues", so it is often part of such steroid complexes.

This 10-week course is already the next step compared to the cycles for beginners. The combination of these steroids provides a quick mass gain and the achievement of noticeable results already in the first cycle of taking the complex.


2 vials Test C 250mg
1 vial  Deca 300mg
1 Box (100 pills) Danabol 10mg (Balkan Pharmaceuticals or SP Laboratories)

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