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12 week No Side Effects Cycle

12 week No Side Effects Cycle
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12 week No Side Effects Cycle
Weeks 1-12 .8cc Test Cypionate split into two shots per week.
Weeks 1-12 3.2cc Equipoise split into two shots per week.
Weeks 1-6 50mg Turanabol split twice daily.
Equipoise and Turinabol are both Non-aromatizable, non-progestagenic AAS with a relatively weak androgenic component (no acne, oily skin, hair growth, and alterations in mental-emotional state). This mean that when used at normal dosages they are not likely to cause androgenic side effects, and estrogenic side effects are an impossibility. The low dose testosterone is included so your libido and over all well being stays healthy due to it being a replacement testosterone dose.
Extra: Although not needed I suggest adding in Proviron to this cycle to make it overall more effective by lowering your SHBG and raising your Free Test blood levels. This will essentially make the compounds (more effective)
4 vials Boldapex 300mg (Partax Labs)
1 vial  Testapex C 250mg (Partax Labs)
2 Box Turanabol 10mg (200 pills) (Balkan Pharmaceuticals / SP Laboratories)

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