• 12 week Greek God Cycle

12 week Greek God Cycle

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12 week Greek God Cycle
Weeks 1-12 2.5cc Test Cypionate split into two shots per week.
Weeks 1-12 2.5cc Parabolan (Tren hex) split into two shots per week.
Weeks 1-12 5.6cc Primobolan (Methenolone Enanthate) split into four shots per week.
This is the cycle of the Gods. Primobolan is the main compound in this cycle. It has been shown to have nice conditioning effects so it is best for cutting or recomping. Those who use Primo often appear harder and more defined while having full muscle bellies. Testosterone and Parabolan will simply enhance these effects greatly.
Extra: Although not needed I suggest adding in HGH and T4 to this cycle if you really want that pristine, crisp, lean and thin skin look to your physique.
70 Ampoules Primobol 100mg (Balkan Pharmaceutical)
30 Ampoules Test Cyp 200mg (Balkan Pharmaceutical)
30 Ampoules Parabolan 100mg (Balkan Pharmaceutical)

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