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Humalog 100 - Insuline Lispro Injection -

Humalog 100 - Insuline Lispro Injection -
Humalog 100 - Insuline Lispro Injection -

Pharmaceutical Name: 
Humalog 100 iu/ml (Lilly)

Chemical name: 

Chem. Abstr. Name: 28B-L-lysine-29B-L-proline

Molecular Structure: C256H381N65O79S6

Molecular Weight:  
580.8 gr/mol

Product Description:

Insulin is a protein secreted by the pancreas which acts on the liver to stimulate the formation of glycogen from glucose and to inhibit the conversion of non-carbohydrates into glucose. Insulin also promotes facilitated diffusion of glucose through cells with insulin receptors, and of course this means muscle tissue . As you may expect, very high concentrations of insulin have been soundly result in markedly stimulated muscle protein synthesis. It does this mainly at the translational level by enhancing peptide chain initiation . This property and it´s consequent results are probably the things which makes it most interesting to bodybuilders and athletes. This is because those factors combine to make ingested protein more efficient by promoting the transport of amino acids into muscle cells. Ergo, we can clearly say that insulin is undoubtedly anabolic in muscle tissue. It also has an anabolic effect in bone, and thereby increases bone density as well. Another mechanism by which insulin is anabolic is via increasing your body´s IGF (Insulin-like Growth Factor) levels. IGF is an extremely anabolic hormone.

Humalog (Insulin lispro injection) is the fastest acting insulin available.


Each package contains 1 cartridges, 3 ml/each with 100IU/ml/each

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